4 Best Beam Reloading Scales Reviews for 2024

Using an accurate reloading scale is one of the topmost priorities for the reloaders.

No matter if you are a high volume reloader or not, you won’t like an inconsistent, inaccurate, slow beam scale for sure.

With that said, it’s a daunting task to decide on one scale if you don’t know anything about them at all.

Good for you.

I’ve done the hard work for you.

In this best beam reloading scale reviews article, I’ve reviewed four top-notch beam scales for reloading mentioning all their benefits and pitfalls.

I’m sure this will help you to pick the best bet for you effortlessly.

Before I dive into the review, let’s see the parameters I’ve considered before I decided to include a scale on my shortlist.

  • Its accuracy.
  • The durability, overall build, and performance.
  • Ease of use.
  • Visibility of the numbers.
  • The capacity of measuring.
  • Its sturdiness or stability, repeatability, consistency.
  • Ease of re-zeroing the scale.
  • The cost-effectiveness.
  • And many other characteristics specific to the model.

So, without any delay, let’s dive right in.

4 Best Beam Reloading Scales – Detailed Review

1. RCBS M1000 Magnetic 98916 Beam Reloading Scale Review – The Best Beam Reloading Scale

RCBS 98916 M1000 Mechanical Scale


  • It’s a breeze to set-up and “zeroing” this scale.
  • A pretty accurate beam reloading scale for any reloader’s likings.
  • You can measure up to 1000 grains with this scale.
  • A suitable scale for both left-handed and right-handed reloaders.
  • It’s quite easy to read the number on the scale.
  • Adjusting the poises is super easy, and it features three of them.
  • This tool features multiple reference points for target weights that genuinely increase the operation speed.
  • A plastic cover comes with this unit to make it easy to store and transport.
  • It’s lightweight and compact.
  • The company stands behind the customers quite well.
  • It’s quite affordable for what it offers.


  • The only critique I’ve for this is that this unit lacks sturdiness a bit.


This magnetically dampened beam reloading scale is quite effortless to use to get the accurate measurement in a quick time. This one is undoubtedly the best beam scale for reloading on my list.

It ranges from 0 to 1000 grains, which makes it an ideal scale for measuring a wide range of pistol and rifle loads.

RCBS claims that this scale is +/- .1 grain accurate. However, practically the accuracy can vary up to +/- .2 grains margin of error.

Overall, this one is a highly cost-effective scale considering the price, quality of the materials, durability, and the range of measurement it offers.

You probably won’t have to invest in another beam reloading scale for at least ten years or even more to come.

2. Redding Reloading Beam Reloading Scale Review


Redding Reloading Powder and Bullet Scale


  • It’s quite easy to use.
  • Re-zeroing this scale is a piece of cake, and you can do it fast.
  • This unit dampens nicely to give the result in a quick time.
  • Regarding accuracy, it’s right on the money.
  • You can easily read the numbers on the scale. Acclamation goes to the white numbers and markings on a black scale.
  • It features a 1/10 grain increment on the pointer side.
  • Redding customer service is also quite impressive.
  • A lightweight and compact unit to transport and store the tool effortlessly.
  • The price is quite reasonable, in my opinion.


  • Had it been a little heavier, it would have been even sturdier.
  • The leveling screw is not too convenient to adjust for those who have large hands.


Redding reloading beam scale is another widely accepted tool amongst the reloaders.

This beam scale has the capacity to measure up to 505 grains.

The design is so simple yet effective. You won’t find anything fancy here, which makes it straightforward to operate.

It has a two-counterpoise system that makes the operation real easy.

3. OHAUS 30393272 (5-0-5) Beam Reloading Scale Review


OHAUS 30393272 5-0-5 Reloading Scale


  • Aesthetically, this scale is the most beautiful one on my list.
  • Setting up this scale is not an uphill task by any means.
  • It gives fast and accurate results.
  • This beam dampens quickly, too, and re-zeroing this scale is a cakewalk.
  • The numbers are clearly visible.
  • This tool offers three poises, and adjusting them is pretty straightforward.
  • Achieving the required precision is a breeze with this scale.
  • Ohaus responses to its customers pretty quickly to solve any logical issue.
  • It’s quite cost-effective considering the quality and performance.


  • The company should focus on improving the powder pan quality.


This top-notch beam scale for reloading is a 5-0-5 unit having a capacity of measuring up to 511 grains.

It’s pretty sensitive to small changes when trickling, and it gives an accurate result consistently. The repeatability is second to none.

The main beam is in 10 grains increment, and the minor beam has two poises. One is in 1-grain increment, and the other one is in 0.1-grain increase.

As a whole, this Ohaus balance beam scale for reloading delivers precisely what a reloader expects to get from this sort of tool. More importantly, without breaking the bank, ensuring accuracy, and durability.

4. Hornady 050109 Lock-n-Load Beam Scale for Reloading Review


Hornady Lock-N-Load Beam Scale


  • It’s hassle-free to set up, and it’s quite a good fit on a busy bench.
  • The engraved numbers on the scale are easily readable.
  • An accurate scale without any doubt.
  • It offers one of the most simplistic designs to provide ease of use.
  • This scale is satisfactorily accurate and is consistent.
  • The magnetic damper reacts fast to expedite the operation.
  • It’s one of the most inexpensive scales providing all the required facilities to give a smooth measuring experience.
  • Hornady’s after-sales service is also worth mentioning.


  • It’s not the right scale for a high volume reloader as it’s a bit slower than other scales from different brands.


Hornady is another reputed brand in this reloading industry, and they know what it takes to make a quality and proper reloading gear.

This Hornady 050109 manual balance beam scale has a capacity of measuring up to 500 grains.

Don’t be fooled by its low price. It’s inexpensive but not cheaply made. This one is quite a reliable scale for sure.

While this can be a perfect replacement for those electronic scales that are giving inaccurate results, at the same time, keep in mind, the other scales on my list are more user-friendly than this.

I found some people saying that this is a heavy unit. I don’t agree. It’s lightweight. But of course, not as light as a feather to offer the desired stability.

Top Beam Reloading Scale – Buying Guide

I’m sure you are now quite clear about what to look for before buying a beam reloading scale.

Still, I believe it’s worth listing the buying factors individually and learning some insights.

Grain Capacity

Grain capacity dictates the highest limit of weight you can measure with the scale.

The capacity varies scale to scale. It’s not wise to go below 300 grains capacity, and going for at most 1000 grains will do the job in most of the cases.

The beam scales I’ve reviewed here meet this recommended requirement.

The lowest capacity one is about 500 grains, and the highest one is about 1000 grains.


The scale needs to be as much accurate as possible. It’s because you must follow the recipe and load the exact amount of powder.

Most of the brands claim that their scales maintain +/- .1 grain accuracy.

In some cases, it’s true. In some cases, it’s not true.

Luckily, I’ve found and listed some of the most accurate reloading scales on my list.

Ease of Use

The beam scale doesn’t have to be too fancy. A basic design and functionally are everything you should be looking for. It’s because a basic model ensures the simplicity in using the scale.

The poises should be easily adjustable. Re-zeroing the scale needs to be as easy as pie. The magnetic dampening system should make the operation fast.

It should be lightweight to transport easily. On the other hand, the weight should not be too light that might hamper the sturdiness of the unit.

Number Readability

It’s quite essential to read the marking on the scale effortlessly.

The color combination of the scale and the numbers on it should support in this regard.

The numbers and markings need to be printed or engraved boldly.


The durability of the beam reloading scale is crucial. Nobody wants to buy a new beam scale each year.

A high-quality, durable scale should work well for years after buying. All the above units are durable without any doubt.

Brand Value

As you need to buy an accurate beam scale, and the overall performance is quite outstanding, you must buy from a reputed and experienced brand.


Like any other tools, a balance beam scale should be cost-effective.

The scales I’ve reviewed here offer excellent value for the money.

Final Remarks

In a nutshell, all the above scales excel in quality, and they are some of the best beam reloading scales out there at an affordable price.

Despite having a few minor hiccups, none of the above tools will disappoint you.

I hope you didn’t miss out on the buying guide, where I tried to make things clearer even further.

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