About Us

Welcome To Pleasant Outdoor!

Hi, this is Anthony Garay sending you a warm welcome on behalf of the pleasantoutdoor.com team.

While I’m the founder and playing the pivotal role in building this blog, at the same time, I can’t deny the contribution of some kind souls like Carlos and Angela.

I’m a tactical guy who hunts different games and loves to hit the target with perfection.

Not only hunting games but also breaking a bottle is my hobby.

Like any other shooter in this world, I’m also a meticulous person who doesn’t like using a rifle or a bullet randomly without knowing about it properly.

But what happens when you see a lot of brands and models are fighting each other to prove to be the best one?

I’m sure it’s quite an overwhelming situation.

Isn’t it an excellent idea if you know about anything before you spend your hard-earned money to afford it?

This is exactly the reason I’ve created this blog to aid other tactical guys like you with a handful of information regarding guns, scopes, bullets, reloading kits, so and so forth.

What should You Expect from This Blog?

Here in this blog, I will be reviewing some of the most useful gears that any hunter wants to carry.

Not to mention, I’m not biased to any brand, and none of them have sponsored me to put their items on my list.

Good for you!

I will be mentioning both the benefits and pitfalls of each of the items and will give my honest recommendation.

This site is not all about reviewing gears. I will be continuously posting some useful ‘how to’ guides, maintenance guides, shooting guidelines, etc.

No doubt, this site is going to fulfill all your desires in learning about guns, scopes, bullets, reloading kits, or anything related to hunting or shooting.